Harrison Schaaf is a Los Angeles born-and-raised director, cinematographer, and visual artist, specializing in telling immersive visual stories around the globe.

To date, Harrison has shot for clients in Shanghai, Patagonia, Taiwan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Beijing, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Los Angeles, and New York. 



    •    Delivering end-to-end, full-scope projects and content: Concept, Pre-production, Shoot, Edit, Color, and Delivery.
    •    Fluent in Mandarin/Well-versed in commercial and film production in Asia.
    •    Faa-certified/part 107 compliant commercial drone operator. owner/operator of 4k raw aerial capture system. 
    •    hyper-Mobile and Internationally deployable.



Audi, MTV, Samsung, BEYONCÉ, Google, Starbucks, Mini Cooper, Universal Studios, and the US Air Force.


contact: harrison [dot] schaaf [at] gmail [dot] com